Founded by two brothers, Kirk and Steve Kucukyan, this dynamic duo are known for creating the most beautiful and desired handmade engagement rings initially  for a handful of well noted luxury retailers, to later become the jewelry industry’s secret retail weapon.

With instant recognition for their fine craftsmanship and their ability to work with the world’s most sought after pieces, it became apparent that a trade name was necessary in order to continue operating as a secret jeweler within the wholesale industry.

On a whim, Kirk decided to name the wholesale company after his daughter, Christina, and just like that, Christina Designs came to trade in 1984; becoming the incognito for Deco Diamonds.

We know, it’s a little confusing, but let us explain…

Our company name is Deco Diamonds, but the jewelry industry recognizes and refers to us as Christina Designs.

Despite starting off as a retail company, we began making big strides in hand manufacturing of fine jewelry within wholesale, and decided to follow our strong suit.

About a decade into the business, our atelier began receiving referrals from employees working at the jewelry houses for whom we manufactured engagement rings and wedding bands. Given we were the secret jeweler for these companies, we created a strict closed-door policy, servicing private retail through a “referral only” basis.

In other words, if you did not have a name, you really had no way of finding us or knowing who we were – similar to a speakeasy: no name, no entry.

Through the years, the referrals began to increase and we began to recognize the potential for our retail business.

In an effort to directly service the consumer we resurfaced our retail, Deco Diamonds.


The name Deco Diamonds was inspired by the Art Deco period.

During this time, the trends of the Roaring ‘20s created a style of jewelry that was delicate yet bold, establishing an appreciation for the jewelers creating these one of a kind pieces.

This era was also the peak of design for Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston, Graff, and Van Cleef & Arpels—where we have been fortunate enough of having the opportunities to work on many of these priceless pieces.

This has naturally created a sense of due diligence within our company to follow the same foundations of the Art Deco period when crafting our own products.

At Deco Diamonds we believe in maintaining a sweet balance between the old world and new – by not sacrificing quality and keeping all work handmade.

Our mission is to highlight and maintain the skills of the Art Deco period, while incorporating the trends from present day, for today’s consumer to admire.