Referred to as “Fifth Avenue’s Best Kept Secret” we are a family owned full-service atelier, recognized as one of the few still standing today in New York City.

We specialize in hand manufacturing of fine jewelry and are the secret jeweler for many famous retailers up and down Fifth and Madison Avenues, across the United States, and worldwide. Our atelier is comprised of the most skilled and versatile goldsmiths within the jewelry industry, whom take pride in showcasing their artisanal talent through the time spent at their benches, by applying recherché European techniques to create jewelry that is meant to last a lifetime, and not just a season.

Today, the meaning of jewelry has changed significantly.

A large wave of prefabricated designs have taken over the industry, leaving handmade almost extinct. Quality is no longer a priority and jewelry is sold at a “too good to be true” price point; or the extreme opposite, overpriced for just a luxury name. It is very easy to seize to this new ideology of jewelry, and many have – except for us.

We believe in the integrity of jewelry making and working on each one of our own pieces by hand; never outsourcing our labor, or providing poor quality to cut costs.

Despite the trends, we have remained true to our “old school ways” and believe in preserving the integrity of handmade jewelry at a fair value.

We work with the highest grade quality of diamonds, and we never sacrifice quality for quantity. Our melees (small stones) are all F color and VS clarity; providing fine jewelry quality always.

Our atelier specializes in handmade jewelry and restoration of antique and vintage pieces; both signed and non-signed.

We house one of New York City’s most desired diamond setters, skilled to set the world’s most precious stones using traditional techniques.

We use all recycled metals within our atelier in an effort to sustain a greener environment and help maintain our Earth’s most natural beauty.

Kirkor “Kirk” Kucukyan

(pronounced Ka-CHOOK-yahn)
Master Diamond Setter

With over 35 years of experience in diamond setting, Kirk possesses the natural skill to set the world’s most expensive stones. Starting off his career as an apprentice diamond setter for a noted company made famous for their “little blue box”; Kirk has made large strides in the jewelry industry to later on start his own company. Kirk takes pride in his traditional European setting techniques where the only tools he needs are his hands and eyes.

Every diamond has a story to tell, whether large or small. Each facet is a page, and every prism speaks a word, but only the one who handles these rare and precious stones day-to-day can truly understand their language”

Sevan “Steve” Kucukyan

GIA Certified Jewelry Designer & Gemologist

With more than 25 years of experience, Steve is GIA certified in diamonds and is an accomplished designer. He has been an asset to the business company for his unique artistry and impeccable vision for design. Steve’s  precise attention to detail, and passion for Art Deco jewelry mixed with Modern Era design has given him a trustworthy reputation, coining him as the “owl of the jewelry industry.”

No design is too complex for Steve; and a challenge is always well accepted. His specialty has been creating custom engagement rings, where the most famous names have used and still rely on his designs.

Christina Eva Kucukyan

Retail Sales and Marketing

Recently added to the family business – and the namesake of the manufacturing company – Christina quickly recognized the magnitude of her father’s and uncle’s influence within the jewelry industry from the countless luxury retailers walking in and out of their doors.

With more than 10 years of experience in the luxury retail market and a Master’s in International Business, Christina has worked alongside various luxury retail markets; particularly specializing in wholesale distribution, marketing, and retail sales for niche luxury products.

Her vast experience has naturally led her to take Deco Diamonds and introduce a modern revival of handmade jewelry, by directly reaching the consumer on a retail level.

“The experience at Deco Diamonds is distinct from your conventional jewelry store. We do not house a variety of pre-made rings or any ‘walk out the door’ jewelry. Instead, you will have a rare opportunity to create a custom engagement ring from start to finish.

The minute you walk through our doors, you will find a European-style workshop on the premises, and instantly hear the buzzing and hammering at the benches. It’s something special that everyone should have a chance to experience because once they do, they begin to recognize the beauty and longevity of handmade jewelry.”